About the SCMV

South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV) has become a premier provider of customized, one to one learning solutions for students Kindergarten through twelfth grade. We have cultivated a learning environment that gives our students the best of both worlds. An amazing hybrid between online learning at their pace along with in person on-site support as needed. We have developed a team certified and highly qualified teachers and academic counselors for each of our students

Our Story

In 2009, South Central Michigan Virtual responded to a need rising within the educational community. We saw a trend of students struggling to assimilate into a traditional classroom setting. For some of these students the pace of the class was either too slow, too fast or the class was just too disruptive. We discovered that our students desired an alternative way to learn and they wanted to do it at their pace. This need sparked a call to action which motivated and inspired us to launch what we now know as South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV!)

Our student body

At SCMV we’re proud to work with a variety of students. Let’s talk about the diversity of our student body.

The SCMV difference

At SCMV, we are able to uniquely offer our students:

  • Free tuition
  • Laptops and WiFi available
  • Flexible, year round class start and end times
  • State of the art virtual reality technology
  • Onsite learning center
  • Over 1,500 classes
  • Special education TC services
  • Full time local teachers
  • State certified academic counselors
  • High school diploma
  • Virtual field trips
  • Advanced placement courses

Home school

Some of our students at SCMV are homeschool students. When homeschooled students partner with SCMV, we are able to create what we affectionately call “learning synergy!” We believe this happens when combining the impervious homeschool parent coaching with our full bodied infrastructure, robust curriculum and certified and highly qualified teachers. This partnership enables the best of both worlds for home school families. These families are able to still maintain the structure of their homeschool environment while leveraging our resources to do it!

Special Education

We are proud to be able to support many special needs families. Whether a student has an existing IEP or is in need of assessment, SCMV in many cases can help! We have a dedicated Teacher Consultant that works with all of our special needs students; ensuring that they have all the support that they need.

Credit Recovery

We’ve all made some mistakes and need “another chance!” For students that are in need of recovery credits, SCMV can help! Since SCMV empowers its students to work at their pace, motivated credit recovery students are able to make up for “lost time.” If the student has the motivation to recover credits, we’ll provide the support to help them achieve their goals!

Ready for a change

Last but certainly not least, are the demographic of students who are just simply “ready for a change.” These students have tried the traditional classroom and it just doesn’t seem to be a “good fit.” These students are typically frustrated and fed up with pace and setting of the traditional classroom. Often times we find that these students desire to work at their pace and at self-selected times within the day where they feel that they’re at their best! When these students are given the liberty to learn in accordance to their “learning style;” learning comes alive again for them!

How do I enroll?

It is our desire that our students have a pleasurable experience with us. Therefore, we have worked hard to streamline the enrollment process at SCMV. We have simplified the enrollment process with two steps:

  1. Complete an SCMV enrollment application
  2. Provide supporting documentation

That’s it! Once we have approved a complete package from our students our certified and highly qualified academic counselors will place students in their appropriate courses!

SCMV Student Handbook

Your success at SCMV is very important. Please take a moment to review our student handbook to help guide you on your journey. If you have any questions, please reach out to the SCMV Staff.

Download our Handbook (pdf)

Want to know more?

If you’re curious about SCMV and you want to know more, contact us at 844-252-7268 or send us an email from our contact page.

We’re located in the Jackson Crossing at 1060 Jackson Crossing, Jackson MI 49202.

Call to schedule an appointment to learn more today!