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SEL Skills Definitions

Five Tips For successful Home Learning:

Self- Awareness:
An understanding of personal strengths and limitations and consistent desire for self- improvement.
CASEL Video: Self-Awareness

Social Awareness:
The capacity to interact with others in a way that shows respect for their ideas, behaviors and recognizing impact on others and using cooperation.
CASEL Video: Social Awareness

Responsible Decision Making:
An approach to problem solving that involves learning from others and/ or previous experiences and using personal values to guide actions and accepting responsibility for decisions.
CASEL Video: Responsible Decision Making

Self- Management:
Success in controlling emotions and behaviors to complete a task or succeed in a new or challenging situation.
CASEL Video: Self-Management

Relationships Skills:
A consistent performance of socially acceptable actions that promote and maintain connections with others.
CASEL Video: Relationship Skills

Getting Started with SEL: Relationships and Routines

September SEL Skill: Self- Awareness and Responsible Decision Making