Meet the Staff

Our certified teachers at South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV) are committed to providing a world-class education for every student.

Faculty at SCMV come from a distinct range of backgrounds to equip them for a diverse student population. Our staff is committed to making virtual learning and online classes engaging and fun.

Fred Parker Jr., Director

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Jackson Michigan; Mr. Parker is graduate of Jackson High School and Eastern Michigan University. Mr. Parker came to the world of education via the untraditional route. Mr. Parker spent most of his career in corporate America utilizing his education business and finance. Working for one of the largest banks in the country as a commercial lender, then as Finance and Strategy Specialist for MI-SBDC and as Territory Manager working directly with Tier I/Fortune 500 companies.


Mr. Parker came to SCMV during its infancy; when the school opened its doors for the first time at the Jackson Crossing Mall. Mr. Parker was able to utilize his strategy and business experience to help SCMV matriculate through being a start-up school and the ever growing and evolving world of virtual education. SCMV started with approximately 64 students and now has grown to over 500 students under Mr. Parker’s leadership.

SCMV provides an opportunity for students where the traditional classroom isn't a good fit! Sometimes the pace of the traditional classroom is too slow, fast or even disruptive. We're able to help students by providing one- on-one support with a certified teacher and wonderful support staff. SCMV is great opportunity for the student that wants autonomy in their educational experience along with the support of certified teachers and coaches along the way! We have access to over 1,500 courses to support our students educational journey.

Hobbies and interests include spending time with family, sports, reading, exercise

Clifton Foster, Dean of Students

I am the new Dean of Students for SCMV. In 2000, I earned his undergraduate degree in Economics and Management from Albion College. After working several years in residential treatment programs, I began my career in education in 2003, serving 13 years as a Behavioral Specialist with Battle Creek Public Schools. In 2007 I received my Masters degree in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University. In 2016 I transitioned to the Lansing School District, where I served two years as a Student Services Specialist and four years as a Elementary/Middle School Principal.


Kristin Walraven, Special Education Teacher

Kristin Walraven is a Special Education Teacher at South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV). After graduating from Central Michigan University, her teaching career started in Garden City, Michigan and continued in Northglenn, Colorado. After returning to Michigan, Mrs. Walraven taught in Westland and Ann Arbor. She is a proud alumnus of Jackson Public Schools and has taught students in all grades with various learning and behavioral needs.

Kristin Walraven bio - Kristin Walraven

Mrs. Walraven believes that SCMV is a great place to learn and grow in a virtual learning environment. She loves building relationships with students and families and being able to interact with staff who are committed to helping students be successful.

When she’s not teaching, Mrs. Walraven enjoys being outside and walking with her husband and five children. Her family is active in their church and loves to vacation Up North, swimming, fishing, and riding their Jet Ski.

Delaney Sullivan, School Counselor

Delaney Sullivan is a School Counselor at South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV). She earned her undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Michigan State University and a Master of Arts in Counseling Education from Western Michigan University.

Mrs. Sullivan loves SCMV because it gives a wide range of learners the opportunities to be successful.

image0 - Delaney Sullivan

In addition to counseling students, Mrs. Sullivan enjoys reading, painting, drawing, and working out.

Amy DuBois, Lead Teacher

Amy DuBois has over 20 years of experience at Jackson Public Schools and is a Lead Teacher at South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV). She has a degree from Spring Arbor University in Elementary Education with minors in English and History. In addition to her work at SCMV, Mrs. DuBois is an Instructional Coach at Northeast Elementary.

IMG_0324 - Amy DuBois

Ms. DuBois recommends SCMV to students who like the flexibility of online learning in an environment that allows students to work at their own pace. She appreciates that students have access to small group or one-on-one tutoring with highly qualified teachers.

Outside of the virtual classroom, Mrs. DuBois enjoys running, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

James Garner Jr., Success Coach

James Garner Jr. is a Success Coach at South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV). He is currently a student at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) studying communications and digital media. Prior to studying at EMU, Mr. Garner Jr. attended Spring Arbor University where he studied advertising and public relations.

4B276345-3048-479A-9365-0D7A581979C2 - James Garner Jr

Mr. Garner Jr. loves SCMV because he is able to build relationships with the students and their families. He also loves the opportunity to help students achieve success.

When he’s not coaching students, Mr. Garner Jr. enjoys anything to do with art. He loves spending time at museums, painting, and photography.

Jonnell Hasselback, Special Education Teacher

Jonell Hasselback is a Special Education Teacher at South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV). She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Education from Spring Arbor University. Mrs. Hasselback has been a teacher in Jackson Public Schools since 2005. She also serves as the Department Chair, School Improvement Team Member, and is involved in many extracurricular activities. Mrs. Hasselback is also an Adjunct Professor at Spring Arbor University in the Special Education Department. She has been awarded Jackson’s “Top Teacher Award” for Jackson County by Jackson Magazine twice.

J. Hasselback - Jonell Hasselback

Mrs. Hasselback recommends SCMV and virtual learning because it is highly adaptable. She also likes that students have the ability to learn on their own schedule and at their own pace.

When she’s not teaching, Mrs. Hasselback enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

Paul Slater, Special Education Teacher

Paul Slater is a Special Education Teacher at South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV) and has more than 30 years of teaching experience. Prior to teaching Special Education, Mr. Slater was a Subject Teacher and Advisor and Lead Teacher at SCMV.

Mr. Slater recommends SCMV because it allows students to move at their own pace and focus on one class at a time.

455AD288-8C07-4D31-A290-AA66CF8E5AC2_1_105_c - Paul Slater

Outside of the virtual classroom, Mr. Slater’s hobbies include reading, exercise, and nutrition.

Christine Chaparro, English Teacher

Christine Chaparro is a high school English Teacher at South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV). She brings more than two decades of teaching experience to SCMV. Mrs. Chaparro also teaches English As a Second Language at Northeast Elementary School. She is also a certified Spanish and History teacher.

Mrs. Chaparro loves that students at SCMV can work at their own pace and that teachers are available for help whenever students need it.

When she’s not teaching, Mrs. Chaparro enjoys spending time with her family.


Timothy Allen, Social Worker

Timothy Allen is a Social Worker at South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV). Mr. Allen has experience in educational leadership, psychotherapy, and organizational and interpersonal relationships. These skills allow him to work effectively with diverse populations with different behavioral and emotional needs. He is keenly focused on creating a learning environment which leads to personal achievement.

pic2012-07-22_16-29-42_311-1 - Timothy Allen

Mr. Allen recommends SCMV because it is a place where students can learn and grow independently. He also likes that there is social and emotional support available whenever students need it.

When he’s not helping students, Mr. Allen enjoys writing and working out.

Anne Baird, Math Specialist

Anne Baird is a Math Specialist at South Central Michigan Virtual. She has more than two decades of teaching experience at Jackson Public Schools (JPS). Mrs. Baird earned her undergraduate degree in Math, English, and Science at Western Michigan University. Most of her years with JPS have been spent in the alternative program teaching middle and high school science and math. Mrs. Baird is also a Math Teacher at Parkside Middle School.


Outside of the virtual classroom, Mrs. Baird enjoys riding her electric bikes with family and friends and walking her dog.

Jamie Bleiler, Mentor

Jamie Bleiler is a Mentor at South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV). She graduated from Spring Arbor University with degrees in Social Work and Psychology. Mrs. Bleiler is pursuing a master’s degree in School Counseling from Spring Arbor University. In addition to her work at SCMV, Mrs. Bleiler works at Jackson High School as a Secretary.

IMG-7467 - Jamie Bleiler

Mrs. Bleiler loves the flexibility and wide range of courses that SCMV offers students. Additionally, the block schedule allows students to focus on one class at a time.

When she’s not mentoring students, Mrs. Bleiler enjoys reading and baking cupcakes.

Sheri Jones, Elementary Teacher

Sheri Jones is an Elementary Teacher at South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV). Mrs. Jones has almost 30 years of experience teaching K-2 students.

Mrs. Jones enjoys working one-on-one with students and being able to connect with them in a virtual setting.

When she’s not teaching, Mrs. Jones enjoys exercising and going to the beach.

S Jones Photo - Sheri Jones

Deanna Simpson, Special Education Teacher

Deanna Simpson is a Special Education Teacher at South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV). She earned a Bachelor of Science in Education with a Special Education emphasis from Central Michigan University and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University.

Mrs. Simpson has taught special education since 2002 and has worked with Jackson Public Schools since 2003. During this time, she has taught at elementary and high school grade levels and taught various classes through the before-school, afterschool, and summer school enrichment programs.

3DCE273F-C22D-4FBA-B969-6E978AF590E2 - Deanna Simpson

Mrs. Simpson says that SCMV is an ideal option for what would once be considered “non-traditional” learners. Adding that SCMV educational opportunities are technology-driven and student friendly.

Outside of the virtual classroom, Mrs. Simpson’s hobbies include photography, travel, decor/design, reading, exercise, and going to the beach. She also has a young son who “helps keep his momma young.”

John Brandon, Lead Teacher & Testing Coordinator

John Brandon is a Lead Teacher and Testing Coordinator at South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV) with almost a decade of teaching experience with Jackson Public Schools. He earned a bachelor’s degree and is in the process of finishing a master’s degree in Counseling from Spring Arbor University. Mr. Brandon is also a proud alumnus of Jackson Public Schools and a graduate of Jackson High School. As a Lead Teacher, Mr. Brandon provides tutoring, intervention, and regular check-ins while helping to establish good habits for academic success.

Brandon Professional Photo - John Brandon

Mr. Brandon recommends SCMV because it grants a general ownership of learning to students, offers a pace that students can set themselves, and removes distractions that can take place in traditional schools.

When he’s not teaching, Mr. Brandon enjoys playing basketball, card games, reading, and spending time with family.

Barbara Holsey, Lead Teacher

Barbara Holsey is a Lead Teacher for South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV) in charge of the 6th-9th grade English curriculum. She is a proud alumnus of Jackson Public Schools, graduating from Jackson High School. Mrs. Holsey brings more than 25 years of experience as an educator to SCMV. She received both graduate and undergraduate degrees from Eastern Michigan University.


Mrs. Holsey enjoys teaching at SCMV because it gives her the opportunity to work with students on an individual basis.

Outside of the virtual classroom, Mrs. Holsey enjoys traveling and scrapbooking.

Nicole Spagnuolo, Elementary Teacher

Nicole is the lead onsite elementary teacher for grades K-3 at SMVU.  She started her career at Jackson Public Schools 24 years ago after earning her undergraduate degree from Eastern Michigan University in Elementary Education.  She also has a Masters Degree in Education from Marygrove College. 


Mrs. Spagnuolo highly recommends SMVU because of the flexibility and one-on-one support given  academically and socially from highly qualified teachers to  allow students  to reach their full potential.  The individual and group support for students creates a sense of community that sets it apart from other virtual schools. 

When not working with students, Mrs. Spagnuolo enjoys travel, reading, outdoor activities, and spending time with family and friends.  

Danielle Newbound, Special Education & Emotional Impairment Teacher

Danielle Newbound has nearly a decade of experience at South Central Michigan Virtual as a Special Education and Emotional Impairment Teacher. She also has experience working with a wide variety of students as the Key Club and Senior Class Advisor at Jackson High School.


When she’s not teaching, Mrs. Newbound loves to read, sew, crochet, swim, and take long nature walks.

Carrie Duvall, Science Teacher

Carrie Duvall is a 7th-12th grade Science Teacher at South Central Michigan Virtual (SCMV). She has more than 15 years of experience teaching for Jackson Public Schools. Mrs. Duvall graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in education.

Mrs. Duvall recommends SCMV because every student has different strengths, experiences challenges, and learning styles. SCMV offers an alternative to traditional classrooms that help students build confidence in a setting that allows them to thrive and succeed.

IMG_3759 - Carrie Duvall

Outside of the virtual classroom, Mrs. Duvall loves to read. She also enjoys camping with family and friends, going to concerts, and working on projects around the house.

Brenda Davis, Literacy Consultant

As a former Literacy Consultant with Jackson Intermediate School District, I served local districts including teachers by providing professional development, onsite literacy support, and Response to Intervention specialist. I am also a trainer for Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop, grades K-3 for the last 20 years. I have a Bachelor's degree in Early Chilhood/Elementary Education from Virginia Union University, Richmond, Virginia and a Master's degree in Education Administration/Leadership from Concordia University, Ann Arbor, MI.

20220222_151746 - Brenda Davis

I would recommend SCMV as an additional alternative to education. Students have an oppotunity to work at their own pace using a state-of-the-art technology facility. What better way to customize your students' learnilng!

I enjoy reading and creating memories with my 5 grandchildren.

Amy Barton, Secretary

1 class away from Associates. 3 years are preschool teacher. Hobbies include hiking.

IMG-2325 - Amy Barton