Fred Parker Jr.


Born and raised in the beautiful city of Jackson Michigan; Mr. Parker is graduate of Jackson High School and Eastern Michigan University. Mr. Parker came to the world of education via the untraditional route. Mr. Parker spent most of his career in corporate America utilizing his education business and finance. Working for one of the largest banks in the country as a commercial lender, then as Finance and Strategy Specialist for MI-SBDC and as Territory Manager working directly with Tier I/Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Parker came to SCMV during its infancy; when the school opened its doors for the first time at the Jackson Crossing Mall. Mr. Parker was able to utilize his strategy and business experience to help SCMV matriculate through being a start-up school and the ever growing and evolving world of virtual education. SCMV started with approximately 64 students and now has grown to over 500 students under Mr. Parker’s leadership.

SCMV provides an opportunity for students where the traditional classroom isn’t a good fit! Sometimes the pace of the traditional classroom is too slow, fast or even disruptive. We’re able to help students by providing one- on-one support with a certified teacher and wonderful support staff. SCMV is great opportunity for the student that wants autonomy in their educational experience along with the support of certified teachers and coaches along the way! We have access to over 1,500 courses to support our students educational journey.

Hobbies and interests include spending time with family, sports, reading, exercise